Have you ever wanted a super watch? A watch that can do almost anything and everything. Every watch can tell you the time, even mobile phones do that! Then what can a super watch do? It will tell you the time, it will tell you what time you slept and when did you wake up, it will also tell what time to work out, it will tell you about your mobile phone notifications, it will play music for you too, it will be your doctor at your wrist! Incredible! Isn’t it? Let us take you through the top 10 best features of another such watch, the Fitbit Surge, here they are:

1. Synchronization of all your stats: It syncs all your stats wirelessly and on its own self to your computer and 120+ smartphones from iOS, Windows and Android. This incredible, you do not need to do anything to check your progress.

2. Setting up of goals and monitoring: The watch sets goals, monitor your diet, see progress, analyze the trends and earn achievement badges through your mobile and online. You can see what type of food you should eat and what type of food you are actually eating.

3. Workout with friends and family members: The watch will share your achievements and will let you compete with friends and family in the Fitbit challenges. This will be fun, everybody can participate and workout

4. Built in GPS to help you track: The smart watch has a built in GPS tracking to help you see distances, pace and elevation climbed. Now you do not need to remember the floors that you have climbed your steps that you have walked

5. Purepulse heart rate technology: Purepulse Heart Rate helps you get continuous, automatic and all day heart rate monitoring, with a very comfortable chest strap.

6. Sports mode just like a car: The multi sport mode records running, cardio workouts cross training and then makes summaries and reports with tailored numbers. It shows your workout intensity and calories burned.

7. It tracks all your activities like the number of steps taken, the distance travelled, floors climbed etc.

8. Music player on your wrist: Now you can listen to music from your smartphones, you can play, pause and skip songs also.

9. Receive call or texts, you have your mini phone now: If there is a message or call you can see it directly from your watch. You can also receive and make calls directly

10. The watch will automatically monitor how long have you slept, it will also set an alarm for you. The alarm can be silent or vibrating type.

The watch comes at price of INR 25000 on Amazon.