5 Microsoft Azure Myths debunked

Microsoft Azure which was formerly known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure. It was created by Microsoft for building, deploying, managing applications and services through a network of datacenters which are managed by Microsoft and the network is available worldwide. It provides services like PaaS and IaaS and supports multiple programming languages, frameworks and tools. The frameworks and tools include Microsoft specific software as well as third party software. Microsoft Azure was released on 1st February 2010. The Azure provides services like developing websites, run applications after migrating on Windows server and Linux Machines. It also provides cloud services where people can save and integrate their data and stuff. The Azure has been linked with many myths; we will unfold the truth in front of you and debunk them one by one:

Myth No. 1- Microsoft Azure doesn't allow Open Source working: The Azure is an open source cloud platform. It supports all the operating systems, frameworks, languages and programs. These include Linux, Java, Node.js, Python and Ruby. One can access and use Microsoft azure from any browser or any machine, which includes Linux and Mac.

Myth No. 2- Microsoft Azure has high number of features as well as High Price: Azure was previously very costly, now it has lowered the prices on commodity services by 40%-50% and has promised to match Amazon Web Services on ask commodity service pricing like compute, storage etc. The billing system of Azure is based on per minute charges and not per hour charges.

Myth No. 3- Microsoft Azure is not the rational cloud service provider for growing businesses: Azure runs on global network of Microsoft managed datacenters across 140 countries. It has more regional data centers as compared to those of Google. It is also the first multinational cloud service provider in China and is continuously expanding in new regions around the world.

Myth No. 4- the Microsoft Azure will force cloud lock-in: It might be true in the case of other cloud providers, Azure is a simple hybrid cloud platform which gives us the flexibility to do our work on premise, in the cloud, or else in a hybrid cloud scenario. We have the option to move between on-premises and the cloud.

Myth No. 5- Microsoft azure is not innovating! The Azure is an industry leader in IaaS and PaaS. It has been growing very fast and has rolled out over 300 platform enhancements in the last 1 year or so. Azure helps us to move quicker, do a lot more and save money. It has a growing collection of services to help you create something amazing and wonderful. You can build application and services that work with every device.