Wondering what is this "modular Nexpaq"? Well, first of let us tell you what modular is all about. A modular Smartphone lets you swap components like a bigger battery or a better camera. The concept of a modular Smartphone has been around for quite some time now. The most common example is the Google's Project Ara. This is still nowhere next to reality. But for now, a new Kickstarter Campaign is offering customers a modular Smartphone product which they can actually buy and use in the upcoming few days. This product would not be a modular Smartphone it would rather be a modular Smartphone accessory. Say Hello! To the all new Nexpaq.

When you take a look from the backside, the Nexpaq looks quite similar to the still developing Project Ara. There is a central portion in the middle and few open slots on both the sides to fit in the add-on modules. This case is available for only three smartphones in the world viz., the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S5. There are going to be 12 modules in total (at the launch time there were 12). All these modules are going to iOS and Android compatible. Users would not have to switch their phones on and off to change them as they are hot-swappable. The case will come with a built in 1,000 mAh battery as standard. This much powered battery cannot be defined as a dedicated battery. Nexpaq claims that the case will add 30 to 60 percent charge and with one extra battery module another 30% charge.

The following are the things that the Nexpaq will include which will have benefits like

1. A battery module-to provide the extra amount of charge, no more of carrying an extra powerbank

2. A speaker- to enhance the quality and loudness of sound.

3. An LED flashlight- which will act as a torch and even as an extra flash for the phone’s camera.

4. An SD card reader-to read that extra SD card

5. A thermometer and humidity sensor- to know the outside weather conditions and also what your body is functioning like.

6. A module that functions as a pair of buttons- for the extra accessibility

7. There will also be a USB flag drive which will plug directly in the phone.

Other things like Air quality sensor, breathalyzer, laser pointer, a 64 GB storage drive and a dummy module for slots would be there. These will be controlled via the Nexpaq app, if the case is not with the phone, then Bluetooth functions can be used to control it. The Nexpaq will be shipped in June 2015. It can be expected to come at a price tag of $2,999!