Things we are looking at Google-2015

Google I/O is a software developer focused conference which is held by Google, once every year in San Francisco, California. It features highly technical, in depth lectures and sessions regarding building web, mobile and enterprise applications with Google and its products like Android, Chrome and many more. The 'I' and 'O' stand for input and output respectively. The Google I/O started way back in 2008. The registration for the 2015 Google I/O began on 27th March, 2015 and closed on 29th March, 2015. The following are some exciting things that we are looking forward to at the Google I/O 2015:

1. Android M: Every year Google launches a new major version of Android. This year they are planning to launch the Android M, you can call it Muffin or Marshmallow. This android is going to have some enterprise-focused features. This time it is going to an update for the ones who love to work on their mobiles

2. Planning a standalone application for all your photos: Google's Android provides you almost everything but not a good one stop photo application. This time Google might make a move here, the company is planning to develop a standalone app for all your photos.

3. Cloud messaging for all your messaging needs: Google is also planning to provide additional tools for all the developers creating a unified messaging system via the cloud.

4. The Project Ara: Google is thinking about a much more modular Smartphone concept. There is no clear announcement though. But there are very bright chances that something more modular is about to come.

5. Some wearable are also about to come: There has been a lot of buzz around. Last year Google launched the Google cardboard, where you could insert your phone for a little bit of virtual reality. This time it might be something very surprising.

6. Automotive goods are also in the line: Google has also talked about showing off some automotive stuff. They might launch Android Auto. This car will be programmed to take you from one place to the other automatically; it will save all your favorite locations and on request will take you there.

7. Casting on the TV: Now you can make your living room a heaven. Google and Apple both have attempted it previously but have not been able to succeed. The Google Cast is around the corner. This will be the company's framework of casting media on to your TVs. There are also chances of having a powerful gaming framework.

The company is also thinking of launching its “Brillo” which will be an OS just like Android but to run very low powered devices. This has a lot of hype amongst others.