WiFi has become a necessity in today's life. Most of the internet users have a WiFi at their homes or offices. WiFi is one the most important components of a computer. It might be so that your WiFi doesn't always work like the way you want it to. It might be suffering from slow speeds, bad reception and other issues. Here are some simple yet very effective tips to boost up your WiFi speed:

1. Get the latest technologies: This is the first and foremost way of speeding up your WiFi. Try adding get hold of the latest technology WiFi. Use up to date hardware. Wireless category A, B and G are outdated and slow, use wireless N.

2. Getting the perfect spot for the router: Do not hide your router behind the cabinet. If you wish to get generous amount of signal, then you will have to keep it in the open free from all sorts of obstruction. The antennas need to be pointed vertically. It should be in the centre of your house for the best coverage.

3. Getting the right wireless channel: If people around your house are using WiFi, then there are chances that their WiFi signals might interfere with yours, therefore, get the right wireless channel. A tool like WiFi analyzer will help you with that

4. No interference from other appliances: Cordless offices, other WiFi boxes, microwaves can interfere in the signal quality as well. Keep them away.

5. Increase the layer of security: There are WiFi thieves around, even if your router is password protected there are chances that it will be hacked. It is easy to find out if someone is stealing your WiFi, but it is best to protect your WiFi with 3 or 4 layer securities.

6. Avoid using application which requires high data: Online video games, video chats, downloading movies, watching online movies use a major amount of bandwidth. Avoid using these every time so that your speed doesn't fall.

7. Increase the range of your WiFi with some tricks: Use a tin can bisected from the middle and keeps it around your WiFi. This will increase the range of your WiFi by 10-15%. It will simply act as a reflector of the signals.

8. The router should be set at good height: Do not keep your router next to the ground. This doesn't let the signal penetrate. The router’s signals do not have the capacity to penetrate metal, wood and cement. As soon as you keep it at a good height, it becomes easy for the signals to penetrate.

9. Regularly reset your WiFi router. This keeps it fresh and the working stays uninterrupted. This lets the speed be as quick as it was when you first installed the Wifi