Apple Watch Review

Apple has always made some uber cool devices. A smartwatch has been a niche product, but the giant company wants to break the shackles and make it mainstream for the masses. The Apple Watch is a bold product. Devices including the iPhone 4S and above are compatible with the smartwatch. The watch comes in 38 styles, with different case materials, colors and interchangeable bands.

The price is starting at $349 and goes up to $17,000. The price is certainly high, but then you get the convenience of checking notifications like messages, mails etc on your wrist! Every time someone texts you, you won't have to take out your phone to check. If you are unable to find your phone, just a ping on the watch help you find it!

There is plenty of convenience in a large number of apps too. While checking in at the airport, you can simply show the wrist mounted QR code for getting the boarding pass.

Here is an important question- why should you buy an Apple watch?

The Apple Watch will be often compared to as a mini iPhone on your wrist. This comparison is not irrational too, it is a square shaped watch and looks just like a mini iPhone. It helps the user read mails, use Siri and make and receive calls from their wrists! The size of the watch is perfect too; it isn't as big and bulky s the Android watches. The size of the watch is just 42 mm. There is another option which offers a size of just 38mm too, but the bigger one has a better battery life and much more usable touchscreen area.

Does a person really need this watch?

Well every time running around to receive a call or check a message is very much annoying, especially if it is a telemarketing call. If you have the Apple Watch, then surely you can let your phone charge in the other room and attend all these calls at ease. You can also reply to a text message though the watch. You can also choose custom faces in this watch too. There is a same option in Android smartwatches too but then there is a potential risk of damage as these are third party options. This risk is mitigated in the Apple Watch. The all new pressure sensitive Force Touch screen would also be there in this watch.

What are the missing features of this watch?

Maximum of the iPhone features have not been carried over to the wrist watch. Therefore, one cannot term it as an iPhone replacement. The watch can make calls, but cannot save new contacts. You cannot edit the messages. It is a very simple fitness tracker, it doesn't have a GPS system, and therefore, it would not track your sleep. It doesn't listen to music from its own microphone; therefore you need your iPhone nearby to use Shazam. The display of the watch is very little to view YouTube videos. The keyboard of the watch is too tiny for you to comment on Facebook posts. You cannot completely run phones out of contention. You will always need your iPhone to use this watch properly.