Apple vs Lenovo

Apple and Lenovo are having a tough battle, if Apple fails, then it would be certain that Lenovo will have the greatest chances of emerging as the leader in most of the worldwide markets where Apple is currently leading. And if Apple somehow holds, then there is no one currently, who will be able to replace its place in the market.

The only brand which has the capacity to fight Apple is Lenovo. Lenovo will be holding its annual Lenovo Tech World event in China, this week around. They will be showcasing their new dimensions. This would rather seem as a fight between the US and China. Apple representing the US and Lenovo is representing China. Lenovo is actually more of a multinational company, because its executives being from both the US and China. Lenovo also has strong relations with both Microsoft and Google. There is going to be a huge battle between the two companies and their approaches to the market.

Apple vs. Lenovo

1. There are some similarities and differences between Apple and Lenovo; this makes the battle even more exciting. Apple was the only company that had the capacity to build PCs, tablets and smartphones, but as Lenovo reinvested in smartphones in China things changed and bought Motorola things changed again. The only competitor that iPhone currently has is the Android and Google promotes its nexus 6 with plenty of aggression. Lenovo's Motorola section is manufacturing the Nexus 6.

2. The PCs from Apple are great and they are highly regarded with having super designs and functions. Lenovo bought the PC segment from IBM. This got Lenovo the ThinkPad series. The ThinkPad is even more consistent than Apple and is very well regarded in the business circle. Apple has its major shares in Europe and Asia whereas Lenovo has a large presence in Asia and Europe.?

3. Apple spends a lot of money behind marketing, whereas, Lenovo is known to have a budget friendly marketing.

4. Apple has always been a single company whereas Lenovo has had active partnerships with Google, Microsoft and even IBM.

5. Apple has been increasing its diversity whereas Lenovo is focused on consolidating.

Who is the champion?

You can see Apple taking the lead and winning because it is the most powerful, profitable and loved company in the world. Lenovo, too, is very big, but being at the top spot is still not applicable for Lenovo. Lenovo will have to make larger amounts of profit and spend a lot of money on marketing. Apple will also have to work very hard to stay on the top spot; you can see technology changing every 10 years. Apple is also a little slower in bringing new things as compared to Lenovo. Lenovo has to complete two big mergers that with Motorola and IBM. Lenovo is much more diverse and flexible than Apple; therefore, it doesn't have the chances to fail. Yes, if Apple fails then there are chances of Lenovo emerging as the leader.

Lenovo will also getting Windows 10. Windows 10 is expected to change personal computing like anything. This is one major thing that Lenovo will be benefited from.